Steph Curry Says He’s A Better Offensive Player Than LeBron James


Every professional athlete needs to believe he’s better then the next guy.

So it comes as no suprise that Golden State Warriors point guard Steph Curry says he’s a better offensive player than the best player in the game; LeBron James.

Curry was on theĀ Dan Patrick Show and was asked the question at the 4:10 minute mark of the video above. After a slight hesitation Curry answered with confidence that he’s the better of the two. “Gotta be, right?”, Curry said.

Both players are undoubtedly the top in the league when it comes to scoring. Without question Curry is the better shooter of the two. However, LeBron James has too many tools at his disposal when it comes to the offensive end that I can’t agree with Curry on this one.

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