Phil Jackson Plans To Sign Kevin Durant In 2016


Phil, you’ve been enjoying the hippie grass a little too much.

After signing Derek Fisher to be the New York Knicks head coach, Phil Jackson’s next move is to wait for Kevin Durant to hit free agency in 2016 according to the great Adrian Wojnarowski.

Can Durant and Carmelo Anthony co-exist, assuming Anthony stays with the Knicks? How will everyone fit into the triangle offense? With Derek Fisher arguably being the best point guard in New York right now, will he suit up and just run the offense himself?


  1. He’s smoking too much weed b/c he wants to bring in the league’s 1st or 2nd best player? You’re the idiot who doesn’t even know the triangle takes emphasis away from pg play.

  2. yeah this is obviously never going to happen. just like the knicks were not going to be able to get into the draft 24 hours prior, find someone willing to take raymond felton and tyson chandler, convince carmelo anthony to pass up on the championship caliber bulls and instead re-sign with the knicks, and go after kevin love in 2016 who we now know is all but assuredly going to leave Minnesota and that his preferred targets are LA and New York.

    sounds like YOU are the one who has been sparking up too much

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