Isaiah Thomas Says He felt Disrespected By The Sacramento Kings

isaiah thomas

Isaiah Thomas was a restricted free agent for the Sacramento Kings this off-season. Despite having better numbers than Kyrie Irving, the Kings chose not to match the Phoenix Suns’ offer to Thomas.

Thomas says he felt disrespected by the team that drafted him with the last pick in the 2012 NBA Draft, via

“They were,” he said matter-of-factly. “I felt very disrespected. Every year it was somebody new. I felt I did a good enough job to show them I was a starting point guard or a guy who could play a big role with their team. But they thought differently.

Thomas says he’s moved on.

“They’re going to go forward without me, and I’m going to go forward with the Phoenix Suns, and I know something special is coming here.”

I totally believed that last quote until this next one.

Of course, Thomas wished the Kings well, said he holds no grudge, but added in that same matter-of-fact tone, “I’m a Phoenix Sun, and when we play them, it will be bad for them.”

Maybe he and Chandler Parsons can go cry in a corner with their millions of dollars. All jokes aside, this league is a business but it’s still good to see the passion in players that made guys like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant great